Benz-Reeds - Clarinet Reeds Böhm Bb, Power - 5 pieces

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The sheet that will amaze you!

Are you tired of wasting resources? Are you tired of buying packs of reeds for your saxophone or clarinet, only to end up having to throw half of the reeds in the trash because they are unusable? Then consider the Benz Leaves - a prayer that has been answered. Through extremely careful selection of raw material and a rigorous custom machining process, Benz blades completely eliminate the concept of unusable blades. A set of 5 Benz reeds will have no gaps in the sound range. Instead, you simply get five of the finest woodwind reeds that will take your playing to new levels and last longer than the competition.

Tired of hands slowing down your game? Does it feel like your instrument is somehow choking or blocked? That his full musical potential is being withheld from you? Benz leaves are the ideal remedy for this all too common condition. They allow you to realize the full sonic potential of your instrument while ensuring that the sound remains musical across the entire spectrum. Benz reeds will simply awaken your instrument and enrich its soul.

Do you want to concentrate on your game? Doesn't your schedule easily allow time to break in a new leaf? Have you longed for a reed that you can just "pick up and play" without the tedious rituals of selecting, moistening, sanding and playing? With Benz blades, you can install a new blade and step right out onto the scene with confidence, knowing your blade will last. All the preparatory work has already been done on a Benz sheet. Now you can stop worrying about your sound and focus on playing. After all, isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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