Benz Reeds represent the absolute highest quality, precisely crafted reeds available for woodwind instruments today. Swiss craftsmanship is legendary, and Benz-Reeds carry this tradition into the previously neglected world of woodwind instruments with true style. Each Benz reed is meticulously crafted from premium Arundo Donax tubing. The properties of this tube are specially analyzed in a newly developed process, whereby each individual blade is processed separately depending on tension and resonance. This secret profiling process makes Benz-Reeds sound excellent. They are balanced, easy to play in all pitches and suitable for all styles of music. Now you can really focus on your game! Benz reeds are the result of the work of experienced clarinetist Andreas Benz. During his classical training in a Swiss theater in the late 1970s, Benz simultaneously received lessons in the care and production of reeds from various professional solo clarinetists in the theater. He realized that this was an art in itself and had a lot of practice and practical experience in making sheets in the theater. During this time, Benz also became interested in the saxophone and quickly learned the instrument from a professional saxophonist. Benz played both saxophone and clarinet in a number of bands and orchestras over the next two decades, covering classical, folk, jazz, blues and rock styles. During this time, Benz increasingly devoted more time to the material processing of reeds than to the actual playing, as the reeds available on the market at the time were not of the best quality and often did not function properly. In his own words: "Every clarinet player and saxophonist knows the problem. Sometimes the reeds play well, sometimes they squeak, and most of the time you're annoyed at not being able to produce a clear sound." Benz decided to finally address this problem by founding Benz-Reeds in the late 1990s. "My design allows the tension of the specially selected Arundo Donax reed to be analyzed and processed accordingly. These precise reeds are playable in all pitches." Currently, there is no other method of making reeds that is so meticulous, and no other reed comes close to a Benz reed.


Benz Reeds. Trust your ears.

Are you tired of wasting resources?

Are you tired of buying packs of reeds for your saxophone or clarinet, only to end up having to throw away half of the reeds in the pack because they are inferior? Then consider Benz-Reeds an answered prayer. Through very careful reed selection and a rigorous custom machining process, Benz-Reeds completely eliminate the concept of inferior reeds. A set of 5 Benz reeds will not have empty spaces in the sound space. These are simply five of the best woodwind reeds that will take your playing to new levels and last longer than any other.

Are low-quality hands a hindrance to your game?

Do you feel like your instrument is somehow choking or clogged? That its full sonic spectrum is withheld from you? Benz Reeds are the perfect solution to this all too common problem. They allow you to realize the full sonic potential of your instrument and ensure that the sound remains musical across the entire spectrum. Benz reeds will simply awaken your instrument and enrich its sound quality.

Do you want to fully concentrate on your game?

Doesn't your schedule easily allow you to "break in" a new leaf? Have you been longing for a reed that you can easily select and play without the time-consuming rituals of selecting, wetting, sanding and playing? With Benz Reeds, you can insert a new reed and immediately hit the stage with confidence, knowing that your reed will meet your expectations. With a Benz Reed, all the preparatory work has already been done. Now you can stop worrying about your sound and focus on playing. Isn't that what it's ultimately all about?

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